Microdermabrasion some 25 years ago and the treatment is the only true Microdermabrasion treatment that utilises inert corundum crystals to be blasted at the skin’s surface. The crystals gently lift off the dead skin cells and the vacuum action removes the crystals and dead skin cells to leave a totally revitalised smooth and glowing skin. The reason I love this treatment so much is its ability to offer results instantaneously, with the benefit of being able to treat such a vast array of skin concerns; from ageing skin needing a quick pick up to younger skin suffering with skin congestion, and furthermore, it can also be used for highly effective body prep treatments.”CAMERA-READY SKIN



The movements of this calming massage ease tension and fatigue and balance energy levels to leave you deeply relaxed. Ideal for pregnant ladies (as the client is seated), sufferers of sinusitis, insomnia and tension headaches.

Treatment time: 45mins £30.00



Full body massage using aromatic oils, which can be adapted to meet your individual needs be it strong and deep, or a lighter and more relaxing massage.

Full body 1 hr £35.00 (normally £40.00)

Back and shoulder 30 mins £25

Course of 6 (incl. 1 free) £175.00


Using our spa body range. Dried seaweed, fruit enzymes mineral rich sea salt, treat and smooth entire body and leave it polished and invigorated. To follow a nourishing lotion is applied if desired.

Treatment time: 30 mins £24.95





Fake BakeFake Bake Air Tan

Full Body –     £

Half Body ,£12.00

Half Body top up ,£15.00

The Deluxe 60 minute TAN ,£25.00[/table]

*Please make sure you have exfoliated in the shower the night before It is also advisable not to wear deodorant. Also wear dark clothing.

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