Holistic Therapy

restoring your sense of calm
Guided entirely by your individual needs, each treatment combines the elements of Wu Xing with ancient techniques and the most powerful and effective actives and ESPA oils to leave you looking and feeling your best.
Back, Face
& Scalp Treatment
85 minutes | £60
Often-imitated, never matched,
our ‘hero’ treatment combines exfoliation and advanced massage techniques to target the three core relaxation points – the back, the face and the scalp – making it the ideal treatment to soothe muscles and relieve stress.
Pre & Post Natal Treatment
55 minutes | £45
Nurture your changing body and calm your mind with this beautifully comforting treatment. Personalised to your needs and stage of pregnancy, the purest, most gentle formulas safely smooth and nourish skin while expert massage relieves aches and pains.
Organic Body Wraps
55 minutes | £50
Purify your body and deeply replenish your skin with our personalised body wraps. Reveal instant results from our naturally detoxifying algae or nourishing marine mud wrap, which will leave skin looking refined, toned and beautifully radiant.
Muscle Reviver
40 minutes | £30
This fast-acting, stress-relieving massage focusses on the back,
face and scalp, working to alleviate built-up pressure and tightness. Ideal for those who suffer with tension headaches or neck strain.
Rebalance the mind, body and soul as natural formulas and ancient techniques are used to release muscular tension and soothe away aches and pains, leaving you feeling relaxed and energised with renewed focus and positivity.
De-Stress Muscle Release
55 minutes | £45
Active stretching and specialised wavestone massage are partnered with expertly blended ESPA aromatherapy oils to alleviate deep-seated tension in the neck, shoulders and back with instant and lasting results.
Swedish Massage
55 minutes | £45
using pure, nourishing ESPA oils boost circulation to alleviate tight, aching muscles, leaving the body feeling completely revitalised.
Inner Calm
55 minutes | £45
Find your inner calm with this deeply relaxing and soothing treatment, which uses carefully selected aromatherapy blends to relax, cleanse and energise, while advanced massage techniques alleviate muscular pressure, soothe anxiety and invoke profound relaxation.
Express Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 25 minutes | £20
Ease tension where you need it most with this fast-acting destressing treatment. Personalised to your needs, targeted wavestone massage with pure aromatherapy blends relax tense muscles, reenergise the body and calm the mind.
Our results driven facials combine a range of ancient techniques with our award-winning ESPA product range to boost the skins natural cell regeneration to defy the effects of ageing, leaving you with instantly visible results and your natural glow restored.
All of our luxury facials include:
A detailed consultation with in-depth SkinVision analysis
Cleansing and exfoliation
A treatment specific massage, mask and intensive serum chosen to suit your individual needs Finished with a tinted moisturiser to leave you ready to face the world again
Intense Regeneration
55 minutes | £65
This highly effective anti-ageing facial instantly hydrates and rejuvenates the complexion by addressing the most visible signs of ageing to leave skin replenished, supple and visibly plumped.
Optimal Skin Profacial
55 minutes | £65
This intelligent facial harnesses nature’s most potent actives alongside high-performance massage to deeply cleanse, refine and hydrate skin leaving you with a smooth, profoundly nourished and visibly glowing complexion.
Inner Beauty Facial
55 minutes | £65
By assessing your skin, lifestyle and well-being needs, our therapists will create a personalised, results focussed facial using the latest innovative techniques with powerful Tri-ActiveTM blends to leave you with both instant and long-lasting results.
Your natural skin cycle lasts 21 days, so for longer-lasting results we recommend a facial once a month.
Express Back, Neck
& Shoulder Massage
25 minutes | £20
Ease tension where you need it most with this fast- acting destressing treatment. Personalised to your needs, targeted wavestone massage with pure aromatherapy blends relax tense muscles, reenergise the body and calm the mind.
Personalised Express Facial
25 minutes | £20
Personalised to your needs, natural active formulas cleanse, rebalance and hydrate while aromatic essential ESPA oils capture your mind, leaving you looking and feeling relaxed and radiant.
Scalp Soother
25 minutes | £20
This unique soothing treatment uses an ESPA oil chosen for your specific needs to focus on the key areas of tension in the scalp and shoulders. Wavestones will also be used where needed to penetrate warmth and ease aches and pains.
Eye Lift
25 minutes | £20
Perfect for those who are concerned with signs of ageing around the eyes, this effective firming and hydrating treatment helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and relieves tension from eye-strain and headaches.
Body Polish
25 minutes | £25
Ideal pre-massage, this light yet effective body treatment refines and conditions skin using a range of body brushing and exfoliation techniques.
Invigorating Foot Treatment
25 minutes | £25
In oriental philosophy, the feet are considered a mirror for the systems and functions of the body. This revitalising treatment uses exfoliation and massage to smooth the feet and lower legs with a focus on key energy points to reduce swelling and release tension.
Hand & Arm Reviver
25 minutes | £25
Relieve stress in the fingers, hands and arms with this relaxing hand exfoliation, radiance mask and hand and arm massage for a smoothing, instantly brightening and reviving result.

Crystal microdermabrasion has been around for some time and it’s a tried and tested method of deep exfoliation using tiny spherical crystals, helps to achieve a smoother skin texture, colour and tone, an increase in collagen production and the healthy growth of new cells.

Diamond microdermabrasion is a medical grade treatment straight from the USA and is specifically suited to more sensitive skins types providing fast and amazing results. The unique wand used contains tiny natural diamond chips which polish and smooth the skins surface. Perfect for fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, stretch marks, sun damage, pigmentation and Milia

Treatment time: 1hr £35.00

Fake bake spray tan

The latest technology in spray tanning. This means a far superior, natural looking, UV free, safe and streak free tan in under 10 mins. Only one application is needed, no masks and quick drying time. Shave or wax 24 hours before your tan, exfoliate and moisturise the night before, then shower to remove any perfumes, make-up or deodorants before your treatment. Wear loose dark clothing and open shoes for the appointment. No tight restrictive clothes, underwear, shoes or boots. You leave with an instant colour but your tan will develop over the following 6-8 hours so we advise no showering, swimming or exercise during this time for the best results.

We recommend our body polishing treatment prior to a tan for thorough exfoliation.

Full Body Tan £20.00

60 Minute Tan £25.00

½ body Tan £15.00

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