Female Essentials


Do take a warm shower before waxing,

Exfoliate the skin,

Do not moisturise your skin on the day,

Wear breathable clothing such as cotton and loose fitting clothes.

We recommend to have your first wax 12 weeks before your trip and continue to wax every 4 weeks to get your hair growth balanced and for your body to adjust to regular depilation.

However keep the waxed area clean and avoid all heat & friction 72 hrs before your trip.



Hollywood goes from the front, all the way to the back removing all hair or give you that complete nude look. Absolutely all hair is removed from underneath and right round the back

(This service does not include the buttocks). .



Brazilian is the next step and allows you to take off as much or as little hair as you like off the front. Leave a strip at the top (as thick or as thin as you like) or we can even leave more of a triangular shape! Absolutely all hair is removed from underneath and right round the back.(This service does not include the buttocks)

Minimum age requirement is 16 unless accompanied by an adult on the day of your appointment*Tinting requires patch test 48 hours prior.

Female Ears Wax£6
Female Brow Wax£5
Female Nostril Wax£5
Female F/head Wax£3
Female Lip Wax£4
Female Chin Wax£3
Female Cheek Wax£4
Female S/burn Wax£4
Female Face Wax£8
Female Chest Wax£8
Female Underarm Wax£5
Female H/Arm Wax£6
Female F/Arm Wax£13
Female Hands Wax£4
Female H/Leg Wax£10
Female F/Leg Wax£20
Female Feet Wax£4
Female Back Wax£10
Female Abdomen Wax£8
Female Crack Wax£10
Female Buttocks Wax£10
Female Bikini line Wax£9
Female GString Wax£15
Female Brazilian Wax£18
Female Hollywood Wax£20
Female Brow Thread£5
Female mono  Thread£3
Female Chin Thread£3
Female Cheek Thread£6
Female S/burn Thread£4
Female Face Thread£8
Tint Eyebrows£7
Tint Lashes£8


Wake up with a perfect look everyday…

Lash Perfect eyelash extensions are individual synthetic lashes that are applied directly onto your natural eyelashes using a specialised flexible adhesive. Each lash is gently bonded one by one onto each natural lash.

Available in a range of lengths,thicknesses and curvatures, any look can be achieved. Professional application means, whether natural or dramatic, you will be sure of the look you desire.

Perfect for daily wear or an active lifestyle. Waterproof, durable and comfortable to wear without the need for mascara.

Full Set (allow up to an 1.30 mins) £40
Naturally Enhanced/Maintenance (allow up to an 1 hour) £35

Add a few more if you wish another time at £1.00 per lash (15-30 minutes) minimum of £20

A full set can last up to 4 weeks if not longer with the correct care. We recommend touch ups every 2 – 3 weeks at either a £1.00 per lash or as a maintenance. With this the lashes will stay on indefinitely

enhance adds length, volume and lift to natural lashes. With no extensions, no adhesive and no mascara LVL enhance is gentle on your lashes. LVL enhance straightens your natural lashes at the root, giving the effect of longer, lifted lashes. The results are instant and last up to 6-8 weeks. The Celebrity’s Favourite Treatment!!Created exclusively by Nouveau Lashes, LVL enhance is the revolutionary natural lash treatment taking the beauty industry by storm. You will need a patch test 48 hours before your treatment.
Express Lashes – £35


Shellac Removal & Shellac Manicure


75 minutes

ShellacRemoval & Shellac Pedicure
75 minutes

Express Shellac Manicure

Nails are shaped followed by an application of a colour of your choice of a Shellac polish.
30 minutes
Shellac deluxe Manicure
Includes hand exfoliation, massage, cuticle care, nail shape and finished with Shellac polish.
45 minutes
Deluxe Shellac
Includes the benefits of the luxurious Le Remedi Hand Treatment combined with a GELeration Manicure. Your hands will be smoother, silkier and firmer. Cuticles will be cared for, nails will be shaped and finished with Shellac polish.
55 minutes

 Pedicure with Shellac


A luxury foot and leg treatment. Hard skin will be removed, feet and legs will be massaged with deep conditioning creams leaving them softer and smoother, your cuticles will be groomed and your toenails will be beautifully shaped and finished with gel polish

55 minutes

Shellac Removal

25 minute

French Polish/Nail Art

15 minutes

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